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In the aftermath of losing my job at the beginning of the pandemic, I started focusing on my freelance design practice. This is a collection of highlights from the past year of freelancing.
Along with this client work, I focused on my Instagram profile amounting over a thousand followers in under a year, starting from less than 50 followers.
From this practice I have become a more consistent designer with a better understanding of my own process. Idea generation used to be a struggle for me, but now I see it as one of my biggest strengths. I've improved the quality as well as the feasibility and quantity of ideas I generate in any particular brainstorming session.

Collaboration for Food Security with

New Commute

New Commute Food Security Designs

This design was commissioned by the music blog New Commute to raise money for Food Pantries in Chicago & Charleston. In the end, we raised over $1,000 for charity.

Band Merch For

Sincere Engineer

Sincere Engineer Merch

Sincere Engineer is a Chicago based pop-punk band with emo influences on Hopeless Records. They’re lead by the charismatic Deanna Belos. This merch was general band merch for the spring of 2021.

Unapproved or altered

Miscellaneous Work

Unapproved Work from 2021

The reality of doing work for clients is that sometimes your favorite pieces don’t get picked, or your submissions don’t get picked at all. Here are a few of my favorite  pieces from the cutting room floor from last year’s projects

Other Projects